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All Sorts of Crazy (Liza Sprax) (topic)
Adventures, missions, Alek never hesitated to jump at the chance. Of course his missions always ended in some form of failure. In this instance it was in the form of a failed disguise and his horrible accent. The young padawan bolted...
Thread Necromancer

Alek Verdikis

11/28/13 9:44
Toph Graystone and the Knights of Emo (Open/Sith) (topic)
A long time ago, In a Galaxy far, far Away...Few ancient powers remain....*Screech*Toph: Wait wait. Hold up scroll text guy. You make my story sound soooo dull.Text Scroll: Well how else would you like the story told?Toph: Like...
Thread Necromancer

Toph Graystone

07/07/13 4:01
A Wild and Crazy Adventure (Ami Carson)  (topic)
Jedi Temple Cafeteria"Hey Kol, you gonna eat that brownie?" A hungry look gazed over to Kolta. Saliva was obviously apparent as the look of starvation overcame his friend Zane. "No. You can have it. Not really that hungry anyways." Lithe...
Thread Necromancer

Kolta Hodlu

03/21/13 4:18
You Won't Be Disappointed (Ceel/Open)  (topic)
Cato Neimoidia - Jedi Temple on route to Hangar BayKel-Dor Jedi knight, Kaen Thoon, moved across the halls of the Jedi temple to make it towards the hangar bay to speak with a Jedi master of infamous stature. He wasn't sure what the...
Thread Necromancer


02/22/13 12:52
Things Can't Possibly Get Any Worse (Kalia/Invite)  (topic)
Naboo - Jedi TempleWithin the walls of the Jedi Temple, the young Kel-Dor Jedi, Kaen Thoon, stood listening to the female Jedi instructor that came to speak in front of the class. There was going to be a project that the entire class was...
Thread Necromancer


12/22/12 3:39
Care to Take a Swim? (Alaesha)  (topic)
Wasn't often that Alaric went off world. This was just one of those times. His destination was Manaan. Now some would wonder why a young boy would be wondering over to a planet that was basically one massive water orb. He had gone to...
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

11/11/12 9:38
Group Adventures (TJC)  (topic)
Onboard carrier ship heading for IthorThe Jedi had divided among groups across other planets. Some planets needed help solving disputes, others to create treaties, others just for mysterious reasons that needed the help of the Jedi, and...
Thread Necromancer


07/06/12 11:18
Oops, that wasn't supposed to happen! [TJC]  (topic)
HyperspaceAboard Cafinator" then the Ewok said, 'Hey, I don't make the rules, I just work here!'" Spark Vallen said, telling tales from one of her extended sojourns on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor.  "Then, I said--"Just then,...
Thread Necromancer

Spark Vallen

07/04/12 12:57
Moments Of Truth In Your Lies(Open)  (topic)
MyrkrDeep in the Forests ~ NighttimeDelilah ran through the forest and then stopped, putting her hands on her knees and bending over, suddenly coughing up some blood. Note to self... never have pets... Animals suck. She had her knives...
Thread Necromancer

Delilah Rainier

04/21/12 6:34

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