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Half-Moon Bay Fall Festival (WoD/Invite) (topic)
 Half-Moon Bay Fall Festival  - DathomirFlourishes of crimson and gold waved through the treeline as fall had touched Dathomir. Within the Cape Rozzaria district had been the newly established festival, another holiday to be celebrated...
Role-Playing Archive I

Shiva Decuir

09/30/13 11:27
Sell your secrets to me... for a price. (Patches/ Open) [Complete]  (topic)
The wind wailed across the barren landscape of Dathomir, tossing a small cloud of sand and grit blown in by the gust. The lone figure stood upon its dusty surface dressed in tattered robes, a long strip of fabric wound loosely over her...
Role-Playing Archive I

TiCira Hawk

12/04/11 10:28
Nightsister Roulette - Takeover of Dathomir (WoD/TJC)  (topic)
(~Stipulations of the attacking Faction - No Fleets;; NPCS Granted - PvP Action Required ~)- FYI: the Infinity Gate on Dathomir was disabled in Taste of Darkness -Home is the place your heart residesHome is the place that you...
Role-Playing Archive I

Ryn Bacquin

11/27/11 11:59
Wait, you guys got wands? (WoD Takeover of Dathomir)  (topic)
.::Dathomir::.A flicker of Pseudo-motion was all that announced their arrival. After months of preparations. Of selling both body and soul to the highest bidder so that they may have the mechanization to do so, the Coven had returned to...
Role-Playing Archive I

Gabriel Volturi

08/24/11 1:12
Murder! Death! Kill! (Open)  (topic)
It's time for heads to roll.There had been a lot of problems within the Sith Council, the Sith Empire having fallen into a state of stagnation. It seemed as if the leaders had just fallen short of their mandates, having proven not good...
Role-Playing Archive I

Hamlet Marzullo

08/11/11 2:49

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