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As Jacked As it Sounds, The Whole System Sucks! (OPEN)  (topic)
With such confusion, don't it make you wanna scream?Coruscant Questions weren't important now, because questions only got answers, and who's to say that those answers wouldn't come without a price? And, better yet, who's to say that the...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

03/08/13 3:21
The Depressing Hot Tub Thread! [Completed] OMG FINALLY!  (topic)
Tatooine - Mos Eisley Spaceport - MiddayKassey sat in her hanger bay, hanger twenty-three on her XS Stock Freighter, and she sat back in the pilot's seat. She had something special to show Nox...something that she actually had gone...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

12/04/12 5:45
Hell, there are no rules...We're trying to accomplish something! [Complete]  (topic)
BLEEP!A message on her datapad soon appeared, and Kassey, sitting in a bar on Nar Shaddaa, and as cliche as it may have sounded, she was sipping on a drink, and going through some things. Who knew that the phrase, right place at the...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

11/22/12 5:47
Paranoid Android [Complete]  (topic)
Kassey was on her ship, The Bright Jewel, in the living quarters, the holoscreen playing a movie. Between her and Sheena was a bowel of popped corn, some candy was on the table, slushies and nail polish. Their toes were in those...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

10/15/12 6:25
Just Like A Circus - Underworld Takeover Of Geonosis (TGU - TR)  (topic)
Geonosis Let me see what you can do.During the time of the Geonosian rule, much of the planet's architecture was similar in appearance to termite mounds, consisting of domes and buildings built into caverns and rock spires. Therefore,...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

05/21/12 4:10
Galactic Crusade - Massively Open/The Greatest RP EVER  (topic)
It is a dark time. War has ravaged the galaxy for decades, and violence, it seems, has touched every life. In the face of unending aggression from the Sith, the Empire, and the darker side of the galaxy, the Jedi have pushed themselves...
Role-Playing Archive I

Darth Shule

01/30/11 2:33

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