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Journal of a Cipher Agent - [Complete] (topic)
It had been about a week he'd say since the last time he had been to see Akira Kahoshi. True to her word she had put in her recommendation that he was clear for more intricate assignments. Cipher One had been on a  couple and to...
Role-Playing Archive I

Ryan Marek

02/17/14 3:33
Variety Is the Spice of Life [Complete] (topic)
Coruscant Lower Levels - Johnny's Joint Bar and ClubSienna had sent him a message a few days before that she wanted to meet him here. She wanted to keep a low profile for her own reasons, and while she was sure that she could just meet...
Role-Playing Archive I

Sienna Kiren

01/01/14 7:53
As Jacked As it Sounds, The Whole System Sucks! (OPEN)  (topic)
With such confusion, don't it make you wanna scream?Coruscant Questions weren't important now, because questions only got answers, and who's to say that those answers wouldn't come without a price? And, better yet, who's to say that the...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

03/08/13 3:21
All It Takes Is A Little Push [Completed]  (topic)
However badly she wanted to call him the next day, the day after, the day after that, she refrained. This was one of the hardest things Kassey had to do, and that was to restrain herself. She hated to want what she couldn't have, but in...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

11/03/12 9:47
Hard Habit to Break [Complete]  (topic)
Aren't you just the most comfortable person here? Look at all of these people.Vode, for some reason, had been talking to her more and more recently. She was thinking it was because of Seth, that she actually had someone real to talk to....
Role-Playing Archive I

Srika Kiren

10/12/12 6:13
[REIGN OF TERROR] Coruscant's Darkest Hour (TSC vs. TJC/TR)  (topic)
There had been a calm hour forthe Jedi. Yet, with the Sithgrowing restless, the stage has been set for total war.The Sith had begun to make their next move against the galaxy. With their homeworld secure, their eyes turned to...
Role-Playing Archive I

Mason England

10/02/12 3:46
It's Only Half Past the Point of No Return (Isaac/pm for invite)  (topic)
Coruscant If she still had her memories, this planet would hold certain fondness for her. But alas all of that was gone. Still she couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity to this place. As hard as she tired, she just couldn't...
Role-Playing Archive I

Mirien Valdier

08/16/12 12:05
Is there a "happy ever after" for people like us? [Complete!]  (topic)
Coruscant - Hanger near The Galactic Museum “Avoid flatterers and beauties, for they are thieves and liars in disguise.”Kassey looked into the mirror. Her hair was in long, dark locks. She had to make sure that she was on her A-game...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

07/15/12 9:16
Among The Fields of Despair (Delilah Rainier)  (topic)
You don't understand me, and you probably never will I got a tendency to self destruct, and a soft spot for the filth A hair trigger temperament, a switchblade for a tongue I'm a walking one-man...
Role-Playing Archive I

Zakiya Santori

06/03/12 8:41
They Say the Teenaged Years Are the Hardest (Alek/Invite)  (topic)
Coruscant It was Mirien's favorite planet. People, just didn't notice when a man went missing around here. The night before she'd managed to drag a young man off the streets and into an empty apartment building. He couldn't have...
Role-Playing Archive I

Mirien Valdier

05/26/12 3:52
Just her and the bottle (invite)  (topic)
It was just another day on Coruscant for Keylee. Life had been good to her lately. A lot of her work had paid off. Who said bribing powerful people wasn't fun? After what she discovered through a slicing trip of her curiosity about her...
Role-Playing Archive I


01/17/12 9:18
The Knightrise Alliance: Takeover of Coruscant (Open)  (topic)
The glittering world of Coruscant was always a sight to see. Acting as the political, cultural, and financial capital of the Galaxy, it served as a beacon of power. Switching hands from the Republic to the Empire to the Sith, it was a...
Role-Playing Archive I

Mak Manto

11/10/11 2:56

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