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Tonight, It's Only You And Me (Complete) (topic)
Arista loved that he came to see her, even if it had to get pushed back a little bit, he still came and saw her, and they spent all night together, it was really wonderful how much passion they could fit into one night, and it was all...
Role-Playing Archive III

Arista Cruze

10/16/14 5:26
A Soldier's Tale - Part II: Ryan's Awakening - [Complete] (topic)
Coruscant - Modern DayDarkness, that was the last thing he remembered, pain too. He wondered to himself if this was what it was like to die.. was he dead? He didn't know. There was so much he hadn't done yet.. so much he had to look...
Role-Playing Archive III

Ryan Marek

12/16/13 10:22
What is in a Life (Introduction/TGU)  (topic)
Distant Future ~  day time, CorucantIt started out as any normal day. Coruscant, filled with crowed, unsuspecting victims of the young thief. She didn't have to steal anymore but the knowledge that she could brought Lexis content. So she...
Role-Playing Archive III

Lexis Ferran

04/17/13 10:03
Only Scars Can Heal (Feena)  (topic)
Drip...drip...dip..The room was lighten with shades a grey. Droplets of blood fell on the carpet. His wound was opening up. A grunt of pain escaped from his lips as his clenched his right side with his left hand. The only hand he had...
Role-Playing Archive III

Alek Verdikis

08/18/12 5:03
EVERYBODY TAKE IT OFF! (Open)  (topic)
Sometimes, it's best not to ask questions.Let's just say that, at some point in the night, Kassey, Cora, and Zakariah had gotten pretty much completely wasted. They would probably remember bar hopping, trying to get drunk, but then,...
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

08/01/12 5:31
A Job is a Job (Keter/Open)  (topic)
Keylee sat in a rather seedy little bar, perhaps her favorite on Coruscant. The past two weeks she had spent her nights and days in places much like this, trying to nurse a broken heart. The first night she'd learned of the loss of her...
Role-Playing Archive III


05/07/12 9:53
With Open Eyes, We Find the Light (Kaen)  (topic)
Coryth had found herself sitting on a set of stairs in the back corner of the room of a thousand fountains. Granted it was not like the gardens back on Naboo but it was the closest thing she had to them right now with the Sith in control...
Role-Playing Archive III


04/07/12 7:32
Sometimes tears say all there is to say (Andraes) [Complete]  (topic)
Coryth sat staring out the window of their new apartment on Coruscant, watching the streaking lines of traffic flash by just as orange streaks of the vibrant sun were starting to peak on the horizon. It's nearly dawn. She hadn't been...
Role-Playing Archive III


03/28/12 4:00
Minutes turn to hours... (OPEN)  (topic)
Keylee had just fallen asleep in her bed in her apartment on Coruscant when a harsh beeping from her datapad forced her eyes to snap open. Grumbling under her breath she fumbled around on the nightstand seeking it. At last success. She...
Role-Playing Archive III


03/01/12 7:27
Between Me and You...Right? (Quinn) [Complete]  (topic)
Coruscant Lower LevelsOutlander ClubKassey hated this. She hated the situation that she was in, she hated the person she was becoming. Kassey was developing more nervous twitches, worse nightmares, hell, she was even telling the future....
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

09/01/11 3:14

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