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Mistakes are Made to Happen (Madelia)  (topic)
Nar Shaddaa, a city of filthy criminals and dirty scumbags. Nar Shaddaa was crowded and Alek chose to be there because he felt the mist of darkness that surrounded the area. It was soothing for him at this point in his life. He was...
Role-Playing Archive I

Alek Verdikis

08/11/12 2:52
If I Asked, Would You Say Yes? (Feena/Invite) - {COMPLETED}  (topic)
Lately the young knight had been distant from Feena. He needed time alone to think. So many things had happened between him and Feena over the years. Some good, and some horrible. Yet through it all they still remained together. Even...
Role-Playing Archive I

Alek Verdikis

08/08/11 11:20
Adopting a Padawan (Feena/Penelope)  (topic)
Ever since taking up his padawan, Penelope, Alek had taken a liking to the little girl that he had meet at the temple gates a couple months ago. Lately he had been studying up on Sign language to better understand her. Even having...
Role-Playing Archive I

Alek Verdikis

07/27/11 8:45
The Outbreak on Alderaan (Open)  (topic)
Alek moved about the halls of the Jedi Temple. He headed to the council chambers after receiving a message from the council. After getting there, he walked in and bowed lowly before the masters. "Greetings Knight Verdikis. We have called...
Role-Playing Archive I

Alek Verdikis

06/23/11 8:46
A lesson in Growth (Feena)  (topic)
The Jedi knight stood out in the open fields of Naboo. The morning sun shined beautifully on the waterfalls behind him. A nice wind swept up, making ripples on his dark brown cloak. "Well she should be here anytime." He said to...
Role-Playing Archive I

Alek Verdikis

05/24/11 5:14

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