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Is This Irony? Or Just Unfortunate? (Alek) (topic)
Naboo - Lasay SwampNikole was realizing her power, her potential, and after her first session with meeting her brother, who happened to be a powerful Sith Lord, she continued on her quest to know just what kind of power. As for her...
Thread Necromancer

Nikole Starkiller

06/20/14 10:22
The Path To Heaven Runs Through Miles Of Clouded Hell(Alek) (topic)
Five Months AgoUnknown PlanetArmina breathed heavily as she was chained to the wall. Her head was spinning as she was half hanging from from her chains in the barren concrete room. She was sure she was going to die on this mission. It...
Thread Necromancer

Armina Taleena

09/11/13 8:52
Terminal Velocity [Alek]  (topic)
Naboo Since her ship crash landed here, Uma had been looking into why the bounty hunters were after her specifically, and with the man in the hands of the Jedi she had time to spend with the man and his shackles in learning why....
Thread Necromancer

Sumanitu Taka

05/02/13 9:28
A Twist In Their Story(Alek)  (topic)
In HyperspaceEmmie had taken a trip over to another Jedi temple over matters of her voices. She hadn't told her father yet that she had been going to different temples and different masters to look for possible answers. Her voices were a...
Thread Necromancer


01/29/13 10:26
A Penny For My Thoughts(Alek)  (topic)
Her room. A place Emmie felt comfortable in. Just about the only place really. Well... Until today was her room her safety zone. Right now, it was just a room she was trying to escape. And not just temporiarly, but permanently, as Emmie...
Thread Necromancer


12/07/12 12:23
Once upon a Time (Emmie/invite)  (topic)
On the planet of Bakura, there lived an unhappy Queen. This Queen lived in an unhappy castle with her unhappy King and they shared an unhappy marriage.The only happy thing about this Kingdom was the little Prince and Princess. They were...
Thread Necromancer


11/30/12 2:21
The Path Ahead (see OOC forum)  (topic)
Vohn walked along the hallways of the Superhawk solemnly. He said little, only giving a short tour of the ship to Rianna so that she would know where everything was. It was a big ship, and mostly there were entire levels that Vohn didn't...
Thread Necromancer

Vohn Exel

10/08/12 7:28
The Tip of the Iceburg (Alek)  (topic)
Mirien sat at an open café on Coruscant. A steaming cup of stimcaf in one hand, a datapad in the other, and several datapads scattered across the table. Every once in a while she would look up and casually scan the street. Today, was to...
Thread Necromancer

Mirien Valdier

09/22/12 4:33
Sometimes the best advice is...(Alek)  (topic)
Yummy's Caf  Kalia tried her best to be as discrete as possible when it came to her relationship with Garith. She wasn't going to waltz down the hallways telling everyone about her husband or how happy she was even if sometimes she...
Thread Necromancer

Kalia Vondiranach

08/11/12 6:26
The Allure of Torture(Alek)  (topic)
Madelia was just sitting on the ledge of a wall letting her legs dangle and once in a while just swinging them around. It had been a while since she had tortured or even eaten someone. Time escaped her when she was with Azrael, but no...
Thread Necromancer

Madelia Nadun

05/27/12 4:13
Life Is a Game [Alek]  (topic)
Penelope Montrosa was becoming clumsy, it seemed. For some reason, she wasn't as adept at 'liberating' people's belongings nowadays. Maybe there was some sort of conviction going on in that heart of hers? Surely not. That would never...
Thread Necromancer

Penelope Montrosa

05/12/12 8:28
Who'll Stop the Rain (Invite)  (topic)
The young knight continued to track through the rain forests of Dxun. Every since he had arrived there it was difficult for him to feel life there. So much dark side he could feel upon the planet. So why would a Jedi knight be on...
Thread Necromancer

Alek Verdikis

05/12/12 3:02
A New Order!!(Open)  (topic)
Setting: Morning- at Jedi Order MeetingLocation: Corascant Larana is getting ready for her intro at her first meeting as the new Princess of Fuscia she is nervous and pasing outside in the lobby where other jedi meet and members of...
Thread Necromancer

Lanora Secura

11/25/11 3:54

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