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That Ain't Mah Child! (Alexia)  (topic)
The Jedi knight sat within his room in the Jedi temple. Deep within a meditative trance. That was until a call on his comm-link came through. Coming out of his meditation, he answered. "Yes?" "Knight Thoon, you have a visitor...
Thread Necromancer


03/05/13 5:28
Man...why do I always have to deliver bad news!(Alexia/Invite)  (topic)
The smoke in the crowded Coruscanti bar was so thick that had Toph been able to see her own nose she very much doubted she would be able to see it. Why her client had insisted on this place was beyond the girl. Toph was no stranger to...
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Toph Graystone

02/06/12 7:03
A Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moon Light - [Alexia Preston]  (topic)
Thread Necromancer

Xander Starkiller

01/04/12 12:25
The Heart of Kaas  (topic)
Dromund Kaas Citadel in the Heart of Kass City An arch of purple light flashed through the onyx colored sky above Kass city. Lighting was frequent on this planet brought on by the Force Nexus that bathed the planet in its grasp. The...
Thread Necromancer

Garith Organa

04/27/11 5:29

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