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You're Not Alone (Invite)  (topic)
Coryth sat half asleep in a chair of their living room apartment. There was just one week left before the baby was due, and for her she found it difficult to even move at that point. She was simply exhausted beyond belief. The infant...
Role-Playing Archive II


05/07/12 10:07
When My Tears Turn To Anger (Invite) [Complete]  (topic)
Breath in...breath out....After the events that happened on Sullust, Kassey needed to see a doctor, just to make sure that everything was alright. She sustained some injuries, but the news that she received...wasn't news that she was...
Role-Playing Archive II

Kassey Daklin

02/13/12 4:08
Righting a Childhood of Wrongs (Invite) [Complete]  (topic)
Jess blinked a few times, looking around. Her head still REALLY hurt from the night before...or whatever time of the day it was. Akoma wasn't in the room, but she wasn't scared any more. Maybe it was because she felt them land, and she...
Role-Playing Archive II

Jessalyn Cassidy

01/30/12 4:37
It's Too Late To Apologize [Complete]  (topic)
Kassey's eyes were closed, her heart was pounding in her chest. Images of Akoma's face, of Ti'Cira's actions, of her own lies, words, deceit, and most of all...Her betrayal."I don't want to hear it Kassey....I'm done listening to...
Role-Playing Archive II

Kassey Daklin

09/16/11 3:08
Fancy Seeing You Here (Akoma/Invite)  (topic)
Kass hid in a small, cramped compartment on a ship called Flying Hawk. It was piloted by a man named Jo'ad Kreegan, a know weapons dealer in the parts of the Outter Rim terriorties, which, in turn, meant he was a perfect target for her...
Role-Playing Archive II

Kassey Daklin

07/10/11 3:51
Another kettle of Giju [ Akoma / Rebels - Open ]  (topic)
AlderaanDeep forests of AlderaRain beat a steady tattoo on the harden roof of the Rebel hover-truck as it bounced and jolted its path up-slope towards a soggy vehicle checkpoint. The soldiers inside, a mix of reinforcements and those...
Role-Playing Archive II

LisSah Mao

05/13/11 3:19

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