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Beneath the Cavern (TJC/Open)  (topic)
A Jedi Star Cruiser moved throughout the deep dark depths of space. Its course was Alderaan. The mission was already discussed within in the chambers of the Jedi Temple on Naboo and everything was set and ready. A lone Kel-Dor walked...
Thread Necromancer


06/03/13 3:06
Jedi Corps: The Beginning (TJC)  (topic)
Alderaan Talon The Jedi Corps was complete mess but that wasn't really her fault. When she took the position she was handed the mess which she was now trying to sort out. There was no organization to any of this but that was about to...
Thread Necromancer

Kalia Vondiranach

10/09/12 2:04
Visions of the Past {Past RP} (Rianna/PM for Invite)  (topic)
The warm breeze touched the young Aldera Royal prince's face. Just eight years old he was alone again in the mountains of Alderaaan. Creeping along with his belly to the ground he was stalking closer to a small cliff of lose rock and...
Thread Necromancer

Garith Darkhold SR

10/06/12 9:06
I Don't Care What You Think, As Long As It's About Me!!{Auro}  (topic)
"Come on guys! Hahaha! Stop it! I'll make a fool of myself!" Words could be heard as Charlotte Monreau and her friends were joking around on the streets of Alderaan. Her friends wanted to start a dance off. "Guys we've already gotten...
Thread Necromancer

Charlotte Monreau

09/24/12 1:17
We're on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan (Paul/Invite)  (topic)
Alderaan Garith and Kalia's residence The stack of papers that they had given her to go through was ridiculous. Nobody in their right mind could go through all of these in just a day. Sure she had skimmed over the file but that...
Thread Necromancer

Kalia Vondiranach

08/29/12 10:00
Swimming Lessons! (Thessa)  (topic)
AlderaanRebel BaseLily Darksun was about as "happy as a Jawa with junk" as her Aunt Spark would say.  She'd made a new friend in the brand new Rogue Squadron pilot, Thessa Kai, and - to make it even better - Thessa was from Gala,...
Thread Necromancer

Lily Organa

08/27/12 1:42
Day in the life... (open)  (topic)
Castle Lands, AlderaanRogue Leader had journeyed out to what the locals called the Castle Lands.  It was, reputedly, a great inspiration to artists.  Being more of a cartoonist himself, Mazen wanted to see it just the same....
Thread Necromancer

Mazen Darksun

08/03/12 1:19
History tends to repeat itself until we get it right. [Alexandra]  (topic)
Alderaan: Rebel Base: Rogue Squadron Barracks"You sure, man?"Mazen nodded, stuffing his hands into his pockets.  "Yeah, I'm sure.  You guys have a good time."He waited as Hutch gave him a searching look.  Mazen...
Thread Necromancer

Mazen Darksun

07/04/12 12:32

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