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I'm Here For Your Entertainment {Lestat - TGU - Associates} (topic)
  - Borgo Prime -"Borgo Prime is filled with people who have no conscience—thieves, murderers, creatures who would just as soon kill you as greet you."Perfect, Kassey mused to herself.Lately, she had been taken on a few people for...
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

10/21/13 6:42
A Charade for the Masquerade (Complete)  (topic)
Time is on my side....yes it is.Time is on my side....yes it is."Now, you always say, that you wanna be free...but you'll come running back.." Srika sang softly to herself, and she took another drag from her deathstick. She had waited...
Role-Playing Archive III

Srika Kiren

05/30/13 6:28
True Rewards Lie In The Thrill Of Achievement (Complete) (topic)
Ord MantellKassey had helped Kacius not long ago back on Tatooine. He asked her to help and that's exactly what she tried to do. Though, it may have been a little out of her comfort zone, she had no problem in helping him achieve his...
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

04/20/13 4:47
If You HAVE To Do It, Then It's The Right Thing [Complete]  (topic)
The news that her baby sister was missing, was shocking. At first, it was the house that was on fire, the family that Jess had left her with. They were a really nice couple, no other kids so they had the time to take care of Jewel, and...
Role-Playing Archive III

Jessalyn Cassidy

03/31/13 7:15
Keep Your Eyes On The "Prize" [Patches]  (topic)
Ord MantellJessalyn had one goal in mind right here, right now. She needed to pull her weight, being on Noxu's crew. He said that fixing the ship wasn't enough to keep her around with room and board (but, she knew that he wouldn't...
Role-Playing Archive III

Jessalyn Cassidy

03/30/13 4:08
Manipulating Shadows (Prophets/Open)  (topic)
Once there was an order of people who used the Force to see the future and then seek out those that would interfere and stop them, allowing the Force to happen as it wished. Those people were called the Prophets of Darkness. They were...
Role-Playing Archive III


02/23/13 3:11
Softness In Breath Can Be More Powerful The Aggression {Invite} (Arianna)  (topic)
The sound of running water flowed rhythmically down rounded stone. The miniature water fall fell into a clear blue pound surrounded by a canopy of a rain forest. Bud came to the edge of the pool and dipped his hands in the cool waters....
Role-Playing Archive III

Bud Balor

02/08/13 12:48
Go Fish! (Kalia/invite)  (topic)
Their Home on Alderaan Taking a quick step out of the shower Garith grabbed the towel.Yes another day after work and one of the first things he does is take ashower. I wonder…Garith was thinking what he and Kalia should do. After...
Role-Playing Archive III

Garith Organa

02/03/13 2:10
Back to Basics (Open)  (topic)
Keter wondered if Feena had ever realized what she was doing when she had constantly prodded him and encouraged him to go out and get back into the swing of things. Probably not. She was convinced she had tamed him. Maybe that was true....
Role-Playing Archive III

Darth Keter

01/27/13 11:13
Who Died and made you F***ing King of the Zombies!?(Open)  (topic)
CoruscantOne foggy night in the last place you want to be...Theme MusicCoruscant was brimming with life, people oozing from the clubs and bars as the streets began to thicken. The hour grew late, and the music only got louder while...
Role-Playing Archive III

Christian Draclau

01/27/13 7:16
Change or Die (Complete)  (topic)
It was the dead of night, and in an alley not far on Ord Mantell. Humming a song like always, but today was different than the day before. The corpse of a man was underneath of her, that she had been straddling. Her knees on the ground,...
Role-Playing Archive III

Srika Kiren

01/25/13 4:06
Just a Car Crash Away [Kyp] (Complete)  (topic)
Malastare had been a dangerous world for many, but for Zalera Marzullo it meant opportunity. It had not been easy for the young woman to bridge out from the shadows of her parents or the outstanding efforts of her fellow sisters and...
Role-Playing Archive III

Zalera Marzullo

01/21/13 9:39
Intervention (Aredhel, Arabella, PM for invite)  (topic)
Present Day MandaloreTHUMP,THUMP,THUMP! Garith’s fist hit the door three times as he knocked. “Aredhel open the #!$# up! I know you’re home”, it did not sound like Garith was in a pleasant mood.
Role-Playing Archive III

Garith Darkhold SR

01/17/13 11:16
Tell Me The Story Of Your Life! [Noxu]  (topic)
Makem TeD:She didn't like this planet too much. The native species kinda freaked her out a liltte, but she wasn't like..a xenophobe or anything, but it was the tail things that she saw dragging on the ground behind him. Not that it was...
Role-Playing Archive III

Jessalyn Cassidy

12/31/12 9:43
Tales of Resurrection (Spencer)  (topic)
Adril was gone.It had been two days since the ordeal on Manaan and Adril's death. There had been no funeral, as there had been no body to cremate, but a brief ceremony at which the deceased Knight had been farewell. A ceremony with...
Role-Playing Archive III

Siobhan Kerrigan

12/18/12 9:09
A New Queen Rises(Takeover of Hapes Part 1.5 TUF/TSC)  (topic)
Moridin and the people behind him finally moved into the open, they were somewhere in the capital hidden among old buildings and ancient statues. The Sith Knight was the first to exit into the world, he breathed in deeply the smells...
Role-Playing Archive III

Saul Talith

12/17/12 6:07
Phase One: Decieving the Herd (Invite)  (topic)
CoruscantVista de Luna Nightclub The heart of the galaxy, and yet so highly contested. For those who controlled the center, everything else should fall into place, yet more often then not such is not quite the case. But on this...
Role-Playing Archive III

Eva Crowley

12/15/12 6:04
Nightmares of an Ether Drinker (aka: The Big Thread) (Open)  (topic)
-Post at least one time with each and every character account you have.-You are under no obligation to make additional posts, but if would be cool if you did.-Use colored text at the top of each post to indicate your current location, to...
Role-Playing Archive III

General Ceel

12/09/12 12:10
Bad Boys! Bad Boys! (Jedi Investigators/Rebels)  (topic)
Coruscant: Busy Middle LevelWhy did they always run?  Katarine rounded a corner, hot on the heels of someone dressed in red running in front of her.  In theory the bright red jacket should be easy to spot but unfortunately...
Role-Playing Archive III

Katarine Ryiah

12/08/12 4:57
Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Invite)  (topic)
Bathed in moonlight a petite woman stood at the edge of a cliff, impossibly blue eyes cast toward the heavens. Silver hair danced in the wind, the moon's light playing off it and making her glow with an ethereal light. In the valley...
Role-Playing Archive III

Ayashe Hirnan

12/04/12 2:58

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