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A Hard Day's Night [Complete] (topic)
The kids were all asleep for the night, and since it was still early, she had suggested opening a bottle of wine, and just taking the oppurtunity to take advantage of the peace and quiet to spend the night together. She wanted to talk...
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

06/20/14 10:00
True Crime: Streets of Nar Shaddaa - [Complete] (topic)
Since the riots, things had been turned on their ear. The wealthy and decadent had been cast down and the common man had risen up to take their place. It might have seemed like Seth Draclau had only used the people to rise up to the top...
Role-Playing Archive III

Seth Draclau

01/23/14 10:23
Dreams Are Just Reality Waiting to Happen (Complete) (topic)
The last thing she had remembered, was kissing her husband goodnight, seeing that tired smile on his face, and she had closed her eyes slowly. The thoughts she had in her head were always the same, usually memories. Past memories, and...
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

09/17/13 9:14
If I Never See Your Face Again [Zakariah] – Complete (topic)
And if I never see your face again, I don't mind. 'Cause we got much further than I thought we'd get tonight. A soft piano melody played throughout the lavishly decorated nightclub that would be hosting a small, and private, party for a...
Role-Playing Archive III

Sylvia Alvaro

07/22/13 1:54
Honest hearts produce honest actions - [Complete] (topic)
What had started out as a nice night out at a casino, a party to relax the nerves and get out of the house had ended terribly. Kassey had been wounded that night and the culprit had been someone she considered her friend, Cage Raxel. Of...
Role-Playing Archive III

Seth Draclau

06/08/13 6:09
True Rewards Lie In The Thrill Of Achievement (Complete) (topic)
Ord MantellKassey had helped Kacius not long ago back on Tatooine. He asked her to help and that's exactly what she tried to do. Though, it may have been a little out of her comfort zone, she had no problem in helping him achieve his...
Role-Playing Archive III

Kassey Daklin

04/20/13 4:47
If You HAVE To Do It, Then It's The Right Thing [Complete]  (topic)
The news that her baby sister was missing, was shocking. At first, it was the house that was on fire, the family that Jess had left her with. They were a really nice couple, no other kids so they had the time to take care of Jewel, and...
Role-Playing Archive III

Jessalyn Cassidy

03/31/13 7:15

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