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Surviving Through the Wild (Sable) (topic)
Kashyyyk, such a lust forest world full of jungle and trees. It was here that Alaric was put to the test to survive on this planet without a master. It was all a part of his training, or so he was told. Survival was nothing new to him....
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

06/19/14 10:23
One to Embody the Power; The Other to Crave It (Raine Marzullo) (topic)
It was not often Alaric was summoned by anyone of higher power. Especially someone he was not familiar with. He had read little of Raine Marzullo from the archive where he studied often. He wasn't exactly the most prominent Sith, nor the...
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

08/22/13 5:56
Through Strength I Gain Power (Xander)  (topic)
LehonFlashes of imagery flew through his mind. Bits and pieces. There was screaming, metal flying everywhere, and so much blood. Eventually it was all engulfed in total darkness. Slowly blue eyes peered through the darkness. He groaned...
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

11/21/12 2:02
Through Passion I Gain Strength (Jessan)  (topic)
Coruscant - Supreme Chancellor's OfficeAlaric was nervous. After listening to the speech that Darth Sidian gave after Coruscant was taken over his interest in the woman grew more and more. He wanted to meet her, talk to her,...
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

11/20/12 7:52
Peace is a Lie; There is Only Passion (Reyven)  (topic)
Dromund Kaas - Sith TempleEver since he had been taken in and trained by Quietus, Alaric wanted to know more about his gifts and what his purposes were in the galaxy. That led to him landing down upon the planet of Dromund Kaas. He...
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

11/20/12 4:05
Care to Take a Swim? (Alaesha)  (topic)
Wasn't often that Alaric went off world. This was just one of those times. His destination was Manaan. Now some would wonder why a young boy would be wondering over to a planet that was basically one massive water orb. He had gone to...
Thread Necromancer

Alaric Haidar

11/11/12 9:38
Hard Day's Night -Alaric Haidar and invited-  (topic)
Onderon was not someplace that was overly desirable though it had its unique charm, its obscure swag. Gretel had only come to this junction of Iziz due to a lead she had received about savages. People looked for a handout when they were...
Thread Necromancer

Gretel Aulin

11/06/12 6:13

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