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Tomb Raiders [Alaric] (topic)
Korriban Once the Jewel of the Sith Empire. Here was where the Great War that divided the Old Republic began, and the Sith - the True Sith - emerged after a millenia in hiding, gathering strength. Or so her mother had taught her. Erika...
Thread Necromancer

Erika Crowley

07/30/13 6:20
Tortured Soul Asylum [Alaric Haidar]  (topic)
Korriban The ancient homeworld of the Sith Order, yet this world had now been condemned to seeing its being used as a living tomb of sorts for those that now used the mantle of the very name of the Sith to justify their actions....
Thread Necromancer

Eva Crowley

12/08/12 9:10
Preservation or Predation (Alaric)  (topic)
Onderon  The sun was just beginning to set in the eastern skies. A grim smile danced across the young brunette's lips. Orders had been passed down directly from the Emperor, to the Inquisitorial Agent. A young Sith would be on...
Thread Necromancer

Mirien Valdier

10/29/12 6:49
Biting The Bullet(Alaric)  (topic)
Naboo - EveningJosephine sat on the ledge of a stone wall, her feet about two feet away from the ground. She was near a park where people were doing their own thing, but that mattered little to Josie, as she was busy reading a book. Ice...
Thread Necromancer

Josephine Octavia

07/01/12 7:40

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