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Merry Chissmas Everyone! (Yule Ball, Csilla, OPEN TO ALL) (topic)
Oh the weather outside is frightful...Valderon had to make it up to Amara somehow, so he had gone all out. Dressed in a blood-red suit, with white fluff on his shirt collar and cuffs, he walked into the great auditorium of the Csaplar...
Role-Playing Archive I

Valderon Kai

12/08/14 1:02
Broad Stripes & Bright Stars ~ 2014 Liberty Ball (topic)
"As the saying goes, 'If you can't find something fun to do on Adarlon, you're either dead or an Imperial.'"Adarlon was known for many things in the galaxy if one was searching. Beauty, entertainment, holo fun, mountains, riches..there...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

07/04/14 12:22
*~*-10th Annual Moonlight Ball-*~* (topic)
The Two Moons of ZeltrosCoral Sands HotelThe planet was beautiful, and if people were aware of the effects that Zeltros and the Zeltrons could really have on people, some might never leave. Their spiced wine was absolutely nothing...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

05/01/14 3:20
Some Gave All (Rebel Military Ball) (topic)
Mon Cal - Reef Home CityYou are cordially invited to attend the Rebellion Military Ball.   Destination is Reef Home City at the Great Pearl Hotel.  This invitation admits you and a guest to experience a night of dancing, drinking, and a...
Role-Playing Archive I

Braiden Sky

09/09/13 3:15
FREEDOM - The Liberty Ball, 2013 (topic)
AnoatIt had been a long time since Jedi Master Durron had hosted a ball. Possibly six or seven years, if memory served him correctly. He was in a new body, had a new life, sought new attitudes and was with a new woman; all of which was...
Role-Playing Archive I


07/15/13 9:04
Marauders' Masquerade (Open Event)  (topic)
A melody swept the halls of Fountain Palace as once a year upon Hapes Prime, the Marauder's Masquerade was held in benefit of the Hapes Consortium. Invitations had been sent across the galaxy indiscriminately. It was a continuation fo...
Role-Playing Archive I

Anyanka Arceneau

04/15/13 5:48
Catacomb: The 2012 (10th Annual) Masquerade Ball  (topic)
Necropolis Once known as Dahrtag, the planet now known as Necropolis took its name due to reverence for the dead. It became a burial place for many of the core worlds, and was a place of dark horrors long before the Dathomiri...
Role-Playing Archive I

Lelila Marzullo

09/28/12 1:43
Marauder's Masquerade - Open Event  (topic)
Once a year on Hapes Prime, the Marauder's Masquerade was held in benefit of the Hapes Consortium. Things had changed for the Hapans within the past years and there had been times when the ball just lost the flare and desire of...
Role-Playing Archive I

Dane Arceneau

06/02/12 6:44
~The Moonlight Ball~  (topic)
Nar Shaddaa - The Burning Deck Casino & ResortKassey was at the opening of the Burning Deck Casino, it was just a bar up until recently, when some renovations were made. Now it was a grand Casino, the biggest and most extravagant on...
Role-Playing Archive I

Kassey Daklin

04/12/12 4:00
Your Fears Are Not Benign - 9th Annual Masquerade Ball  (topic)
This is not the place you wish to be.This much I’m certain of: it doesn’t happen immediately.You’ll finish, and that will be that, until a moment will come, maybe in a month, maybe a year, maybe even several years.You’ll be sick or...
Role-Playing Archive I

Ryori Holloway

10/05/11 6:20
SHAMROCK SHAKEDOWN (Open to all/Ball-ish)  (topic)
Jonathon glanced down from the balcony of his latest venture; The Star Gazer, his latest business enterprise, or more specifically, the latest venture of TGU. It was perfect, a luxury liner, built at reduced costs due to current...
Role-Playing Archive I


03/01/11 11:12

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