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Blades of Steel - [Nirvana] (topic)
Flirtation. That's generally how it all starts. Alistair Starkiller was a young man that was not shy about showing attention to women. The son of a Sith Lord and a Hapan Noble, the young Starkiller had quite the pedigree. Being the son...
Thread Necromancer

Alistair Starkiller

02/06/14 3:38
I'd Hate To Look Into Your Eyes and See An Ounce of Pain - [Complete] (topic)
They always told him that first rule of fight club was that you didn't talk about fight club. However it always seemed like more people would show up at the events which meant someone was breaking the first rule. It didn't seem to matter...
Thread Necromancer

Alistair Starkiller

10/25/13 10:49
A Meeting of the Minds [Alistair] (topic)
It had been quite some time since Amaterasu had ventured from Dathomir and into the galaxy, but the sudden desire to do just that had overcome the woman and now she found herself on the aquatic world of Manaan, sitting in one of the...
Thread Necromancer

Amaterasu Decuir

10/19/13 6:59
Here for the View? Or the Weather? (Alistair) (topic)
Dusk had fallen upon city of Theed, bringing with it the lighting of street lamps to illuminate the streets and the soft glow from windows. The marketplace of Theed was well lit in preparation for the night markets that would be...
Thread Necromancer

Ami Carson

09/16/13 2:07

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